The BIG Question: “Is The Reconcilation From Olamide’s Mind?”

During Headies Awards 2015, lovers of entertainment around the globe witnessed one of the biggest controversies yet in the Nigerian Music scene.

This drama literarily broke all Nigerian Social Media platforms as thousands around the world debated who was right and wrong. Video of the incidents went viral, Tweets were retweeted into their thousands and E-fights broke out, it was Sensational!


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The two CEO’s of their respective record labels have now reconciled, apologized, released statements to their fans and the organizers of the show.

Olamide Lead the way with an Apology less than 12hrs after the whole brouhaha with a post on Instagram and a few moments ago, Don Jazzy posted his apology with a picture which seems like it was taken moments ago.


Olamide’s Social Media Apology


Don Jazzy’s Social Media Apology


And behold they both reconciled

Now the question is: Is this reconcilation from Olamide’s Mind? Because the looks from his face doesn’t seem so. Let’s hear from you.

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