News: “Anger got the best of Olamide at Headies 2016” – Kaffy


Kafayat Oluwatoyin Ameh A.K.A. Kaffy

Celebrity dance instructor Kaffy, 35, has spoken about Olamide’s infamous stage rant at the 2016 edition of the Headies on January 1, 2016.


Kafayat Oluwatoyin Ameh said she did not witness what happened or stage or the green room for the artistes because she was in her own green room. She stated she was not happy about the incident and she does not condone Olamide’s behaviour.

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These she said in an interview with Hip TV:

Fortunately for me I was not anywhere near that area. I was waiting in my green room. I heard the scenario. I am not happy about it. I remember a couple of years back when I introduced Olamide to the Hip TV family so for me I will not condone any kind of behaviour in that manner

She further said Olamide reacted the way he did because of anger, and rap star Olamide is not that type of person.

Whether you are justified or not it’s not what we want young people to emulate, even though we are angry, we want to find a way to contain it. I am sure he is sorry about it. He is not that kind of person. The person I know is not that kind of person. So he probably allowed anger to take over him for a moment, and that moment was all over the world unfortunately, but I am sure it is not going to happen again.

At the 2016 Headies Olamide ranted and cussed on stage because his artiste did not win the coveted Next Rated category.

According to reports the rapper and his crew vandalized the green room for artistes at the award ceremony.

After storming out of the awards, Olamide blasted superstar Nigerian producer Don Jazzy on Twitter for a comment he had made when he was stage collecting his Special Recognition award.

The pair quickly settled their differences in a meeting organized by Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote.

Kaffy was the co-host of The Headies alongside Bovi.

Source: Pulse.ng

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