News: Producer Extraordinaire; Indiana Pours Out His Mind On The Content Of Nigerian Music

Nigeria based producer Indiana, a few hours ago took to one of his social media accounts to air his views on the content of Nigerian music in recent times.

These were his words:


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“Make I talk my mind joor!
I dey always hear people say “Nigeria won dance…Nigeria won dance” each time u approach dem with a conscious,sensational or inspirational material.
Una don turn ‘young’ musicians into bunch of jokers and fools who make NO sense or meaning in their songs because dey won sound commercial.
We forget say apart from entertaining, we also sopoz use music as a channel to inform,educate, and fight societal ills.
But instead we choose to dance!
Na so we dance sotey….we no no our left from right again.
See where our country dey now….
Ndi ara!”

Screenshot - indiana

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