Has Ice Prince Left Chocolate City?

There is no confirmation yet, but we have noticed some signs that suggest that Ice Prince Zamani may have left Chocolate City.

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that Ice Prince released a few singles and decided to keep the Chocolate City logo absent from every Artwork while including his new label’s logo (Super Cool Cats). Additionally, the Chocolate City social media pages have refused to post or promote Ice Prince content in recent times, the last Ice Prince promotion on their social media feed or wall was on November 3, 2015 and Ice has release 3 singles since that date. However, this is not the case for other “Chocolate City” Artists including M.I, Jesse Jagz and even Loose Kaynon…


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It is very incongruent for a label not to promote its artists’ content on all of its platforms.

Is it possible that Ice Prince and Chocolate City have cut ties quietly and amicably since he is featured on Jesse Jagz recent single and has supported M.I Abaga’s most recent Mixtape IM3???

OR are they re-negotiating his contract via Super Cool Cats?… which is possible considering the fact that Jesse Jagz mentioned recently that his business relationship with Chocolate City is now via his label Jagz Nation.

Whatever the case is, it would be good to get confirmation from either Ice Prince or/and Chocolate City on their current relationship status.

See Ice Prince’s last two single Art missing the Chocolate City Logo


Last Ice Prince Mention on Chocolate City’s Facebook Page


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