“My Love for Blogging died when I left phcitypromo.wordpress.com. Now I blog for money.” – Jojo Falani

Some months back, someone contacted me on one of my social platforms that he thinks blogging will be a very good business to venture into and that he wants to setup a blog, publish musical contents and attach a price on each download. I was like “WOW! can one be rich overnight?” But just so i don’t sound rude i wished him good luck.

It is no news that these days people with little or no knowledge of the art of blogging jump into blogging simply because they have money to buy and host a domain name. I see musicians ditching their career and turning bloggers within a twinkle of an eye simply because they’ve failed to pay their dues and think becoming a blogger will pave way for them to send across their musical contents in the name of blogger-blogger relationship.


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Truth be told, although being a blogger doesn’t restrict one from possessing other skills but i must say blogging requires commitment, skill, speed and precision. These days, the aforementioned characteristics ain’t found in some of these fast-lane bloggers as i call them; this is because they no longer go through the hassle of learning the art using traditional free learning tools like blogspot,wordpress,typepad etc. They rather blog first for money and no love for the art.

Most big names in the industry used these learning tools before migrating and of course blogging professionally; check them out, if you’ll agree with me, they’re still repping till date.

  • NotjustOK – Typepad
  • Linda Ikeji/Ukalasblog – Blogspot
  • PHcityPromo/Naijacelebrity – WordPress etc..

It’s funny how one who calls himself a blogger can’t compose a simple and grammatically correct press release; they forward a material for you to help them publish and you spend extra time correcting the blunders therein. No wonder these days companies/artistes/corporate bodies find it difficult to pay a high-profiled blogger because the know one new blogger who’s hungry for contents and can’t generate one single-handedly.

The love for blogging is the first step in becoming a great blogger. I’ve been blogging with love for the art, thus i learnt from my senior colleagues, the best in the game and if you’ll agree with me i’m learning well.

I used to love blogging when i blogged on www.phcitypromo.wordpress.com, well blogging has gone professional and until now i think it’s safe to say that “My Love for Blogging died when I left phcitypromo.wordpress.com. Now I blog for money.”

My name is Jojo Falani & i just want to make a point.

Disclaimer: This article isn’t aimed at demoralizing anyone, rather to put things right. Anyone with a contrary view should please use the comment box below.


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