See How MTN, Glo, Etisalat And Airtel Blocks Free Browsing Codes

These network providers af do me something, is not small thing (In Falz’s voice)

Ok so i had this sweet blazing FBT (Free Browsing Trick) that i used for over a year; one fateful evening i was busy downloading Sniper Elite 3 (PC Game) worth approx. 12GB; then came a friend of mine named Akpos who cried spending too much on data.


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He said to me “Hiya Jojo you de download 12Gig file, which plan u do na??” 

i replied saying “Oboi na one cheat i de use o

Akpos: Choi abeg abeg abeg i need am, MTN don finish me

Me: hahaha you de dull na, i don de rock this thing since

Akpos: you sef nawa o, you no even tell your man

Me: Gee i de fear you, your mouth too de scratch

Akpos: which kind talk be that na, i go bring my system come make you do for me

Me: no shaking na, but you go recharge my fone o

Akpos: that no be wahala

Few minutes later he came through with his laptop and i did the configuration an he joined the league of FBT.

2 days after the configuration there was disturbance in the network n my gee called and told me his cheat isn’t working that he wants to know whether mine is working. I told him to chill that network disturbs sometimes.

It didn’t end there o, the curious guys picked up his phone and called MTN customer care and told them that his cheat isn’t working anymore and that he’s like to know the reason why. lol; MTN, pretending to proffer solution to his foolish question asked him to tell them the I.P address and port with which he connects to the cheat. Surprisingly Akpos swiftly gave them the details. lo and behold in less than one hour the cheat was brought down.

Bottom line: If your FBT or cheat as it is popularly known is blocked, don’t kill yourself; just know that one Akpos has called MTN,GLO, Etisalat or Airtel as the case may be.


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