These Features If Implemented By Instagram Will Render A lot Of Apps Useless


From just being a social media app for publishing square photos, Instagram has metamorphosed into a vital tool for publicity and social marketing. With the introduction of 15 seconds videos (Now 1 minute videos) and Instagram Ads it is crispy clear that the brand INSTAGRAM after being purchased by FACEBOOK in 2012 is in for serious business.


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No doubt it is annoying when one has to download extra apps just to carry out some basic operations on Instagram such as to save pictures amidst others.

Although INSTAGRAM has incorporated some third party features into the native app there are still some which if implemented will render a few companies useless and these include:

1. Saving/Downloading Media:

Some third party apps like INSTASAVE uses Instagram api to read instagram links, thus getting access to download pictures and videos of instagram links placed in the clipboard of smartphones.

If in the nearest future instagram implements this feature to the native instagram app i’m sure the developers of this app will have no other option but to bow out.

2. Reposting Media:

There are hundreds of apps out there that has the feature of reposting a friend’s photos and videos. Apps such as INSTAREPOST and REPOST APP are major players in the business of reposting media on Instagram.

Trust me if the traditional Instagram app has the repost feature no one will want to overload his/her phone with third party apps.

3. Square-Fitting Media:

Ok so Instagram happened to be of of the first social apps that put square photos into consideration. I can remember back when on Facebook, i used to post profile pictures without considering whether or not it is square shaped (Although now you’ll be given the option to crop, that’s if not square-sized)

Although currently INSTAGRAM has the feature of fitting into a 3:4 dimension, we all know 3:4 is not 1:1. Thus if INSTAGRAM eventually implement a 1:1 square-fitting feature i’m sure one or two of your favorite apps will go down the development process.

After all said, do you believe if these features are implemented there will a halt in the development of one or two of our favorite apps? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment behind.

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