Matters Arising: What would you do if this happened to you? Honest Answers Please

Disclaimer: Before you read, please note that this post was not put up to disrespect any individual, it is a MATTER ARISING from the happening as described to us by one of our readers. Please be kind enough to read through and give feedbacks. Thanks.

Ok so you went to visit your hommie (for guys)/babe (for ladies) in his/her hostel room and when you reached there he/she wasn’t around, so his/her roomie told you to wait for a while, offered you a drink and you being a straight and unsuspecting person accepted the drink, had a few sips. After a while the drink (which contained sleeping pills) made you dizzy and you fell asleep,unknown to the fact that the roomie is gay. Deep into dream land, the gay roomie made his/her move and successfully defiled you. On waking up from this unusual sleep you saw this gay person smiling, licking his/her lips and acting sensual towards you.


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