Could ‘One Word Title’ Be The Secret To Kiss Daniel’s Success?

Kiss Daniel

In African culture, it is believed that the name one bares matters and plays a major role in the happenings for and/or against that person.


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Talking about names and naming; in the entertainment industry, music industry precisely people believe the title one gives his/her track goes a long way to register or aptly put deposit one’s latest offering in the memory of their fans.

It is no news that Kiss Daniel is one of the fastest rising talent out of Nigeria to Africa and the world at large in the past two years. After his breakthrough with Woju, its remix and Laye to mention but a few he has been consistent with releasing hits on the regular and an album to his credit.

kiss daniel

Ok so, few days i was in a gathering of music lovers/fans and one of their conversation that caught my attention was one that has to do with Kiss Daniel’s traditional release of One word titled singles, lo and behold after analysing their argument i picked up something reasonable; truly so far Kiss Daniel has released a couple of viral hits that are one word titled – WOJU, LAYE,MOLUE and recently MAMA (Apart from GOOD TIME, a two-word titled hit)

What do you guys think? Is ONE-WORD titling the way forward? Comments please.

N/B: This article focuses on single releases and to album tracklist


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