Funny! Check out This Leaked Throwback Photo of Kessydriz | See if You Can Identify Her

Hahahaha this almost broke my ribs on sight.

Ok Songstress Kessydriz is no new name in the Nigerian music scene. Dropping massive tune, huge collaborations, her vocal texture and the fact that she’s always known for gracing major events are only but a few of what makes her to stay relevant in the industry.


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Ok so yesterday i came across this photo in an archive somewhere and it almost broke my ribs on sight. Guess who was in it? It’s KESSYDRIZ, the OUR LOVE crooner.

The pic you’re bou to see, i didn’t wanna leak it o! but then my itchy fingers didn’t let me. lol, KESSYDRIZ if you ever get to see this know that #TeamPHcityPromo loves you and loves to leak stuffs more lol.

Peep below the epic photo.

One more thing, please help me identify from the numbered persons in the picture, which of them is Kessydriz


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  1. Sandra July 15, 2016

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