Wedding bell rings: Comedian K-O Baba sets date for TM.

This is a short story of two lovers, Vivian Brown and KO Baba Jornsen

The later is an extraordinary Comedian from Port Harcourt while the former is his sweetheart, a student of Rivers State university of science and technology, Port Harcourt. 


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… Blah blah blah blah and they lived happily ever after… “THE END” Now that was me goofing around lol. 

Back to the matter at hand. Popular Nigerian Comedian K-O Baba who proposed HERE to his darling Vivian sometime in February 2016 has finally picked a date for his  traditional marriage proper. 

The past few days has seen posters and fliers flying around the cyberspace and of course on social media. Although we are yet to receive an official press release/announcement  concerning the fixed date which is on Saturday, 6th August, 2016; we believe in every rumor there is one or two truths therein. However the fliers which has Traditionally Coded and #TheLoveShow written on it raises two reactions:

  1. He has plans to do his TM #comedy (on low key) 
  2. It might as well be another lovers show like the one he did in February – Lovers Should be laughing 

While we await an official press release here’s our little findings. 

  • Date: 6th of August, 2016. 
  • Time:?? 
  • Venue:??

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