Would You Accept Payment From A Mad Man/Woman?

It is true that the causes of madness are endless, one might go mad as a result of so many things but when one goes mad in this part of the world it is believed that it is as a result of spiritual attacks from enemies and haters.


This mad woman looks like Chioma Chukwuka


Everyone knows that the activities of mad people are disgusting and no one wants to come in contact with them except maybe the psychiatric guards and the relatives of the mad person who are hopeful of sanity in the nearest future.

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The fact that these people are mad doesn’t mean they won’t eat or survive, as a matter they are about the most aggressive people worldwide.

In today’s MATTERS ARISING, the big question is:

If you’re the owner of a shop (preferably a restaurant or an eatery) and a mad man/woman steps in, offering you money to give him/her food; what will be your action? Will you accept the money and serve the food? Serve the food and not collect money or chase the mad person? Quick answers plz

The best answer gets free airtime top up

NOTE: For every answer there must be a reason. Thanks

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