Bukwild Da Ikwerrian Hints the Release Of a New wave; Guess & Win

Over on social media it’s been buzzing; the news that popular Nigerian music star Bukwild Da Ikwerrian is set to release the Remix of his ever green hit single – Show me how to fish


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The confirmation of the rumors came yesterday when the ABBOBY YOKO crooner took to his twitter account to hint with a great deal of abstraction that which was rumored to be the remix of the single titled show me how to fish as seen in the tweet below:

After series of fact finding i discovered from a reliable source that the remix of show me how to fish holds a high line as it features two popular Nigerian entertainers – a musician and a Comedian (guess by leaving a comment behind)

Stay tuned as we shall update you as things metamorphose. For now, leave behind your guesses and win airtime top up.

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