Another Skiibii story?  Purported dead man comes alive one hour later.

Two questions; 

  1. Why do people spread hoax effortlessly?

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  2. Why do people fake death stories? 

Sometime last year Five star music artiste Skiibii, in a bid to get popular fast pulled a death stunt which in less than 24hrs gave him fame he has never seen in his life time. He was in the news back to back while it lasted. Not until it was later discovered that it was a publicity stunt. 


Now that’s a musician in search of quick fame, but of what use is similar stunt on one who’s not a public figure? 

OK so I was tagged to a post captioned “Eyah…..So sad….

Rip Jackie Rickie…….

This Christmas won’t be fun at all….

My warrior just left this world…….

Can’t stop crying…..


In less than one hour hour the dude in the picture who’s supposed to have died shows up saying “jess I’m not dead o!” 

To add to the hoax, the purported dead guy doesn’t even know who posted an rip pic of him. 

This is not funny at all, joking with one’s life is trash. God forgive who posted such. 

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