Bukwild Da Ikwerrian Challenges Bobby Rak to a game of pool.

At this point 2 things are at stake
1. Big barbecued fish – If Bobby Rak wins
2. Two music videos – If Bukwild wins


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It all started this morning when Bukwild Da Ikwerrian posted on Facebook, a photo of him assuming the position of a professional pool player.

I don’t think Bukwild is tight sha

Then came the ace video director with a comment thus:
“i go win all of una… i be old skool champ”

I was on my own O when Bukwild invited me into the gist.

I was on my own O when Bukwild invited me into the gist.

So I became the umpire

Bukwild Challenged but Bobby Rak isn’t in town.

Bukwild seems eager to prove his worth

Bobby Rak was mute for a while then Bukwild fired

Bobby Rak appears like wili wili and stated his bet – barbecued fish

Challenge accepted

After all said, we await Bobby Rak’s presence to get started. Keep your fingers crossed, we’ll update you as things metamorphose. 

Well for me, I want Bobby to win o, because I wanna eat that barbecued fish. Who do you want to win and why? Leave your comments behind. 

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