Top 5 Wackest Nigerian Music Lines in 2016

Often times the most popular tracks are not built on the best lyrics there is for the track, especially in the Nigerian music scene where one can get away with just about anything, provided the instrumental is enjoyable.


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In the past we’ve seen the likes of Timaya, Terry G, Wizkid and other superstar musicians speak in strange tongues for us and because the producers of the respective tracks did justice to the instrumental the vast majority of the listeners end up nodding and dancing forgetting the lyrical contents.

OK, they messed up in the past and we’ve forgiven them (not forgotten though) but for crying out loud, this is 2016 and we won’t nod first until the lyrics are well done. Today, #TeamPHcityPromo has identified few hit singles in Nigeria with weak, not properly though of, and wack line (as our headline suggests).

Below are the top 5 in descending order (Listen carefully)

5. DJ Zangalin – one more chance

Dj Zangalin


ARTISTE: Dj Zangalin


LINE: “I fit climb the highest mountain just to make you smile

So in this current world, if you want to impress a gyal it’s to climb mountain abi? Go ahead, wen you fall you will tell the angels who send you work. From the look of things E be like your village people de call you.

4. Rocknana – Bascalaba


ARTISTE: Rocknana


LINE: “They call me Rocknana all the boys dem won touch my banana.”
This one is called forcing a rhyme (rock-NANA & ba-NANA) Never knew girls now have banana o. Izz nor only banana lol, if it was Cucumber I for understand. 😂😂

3. Reekado Banks – Oluwa ni

Reekado Banks

ARTISTE: Reekado Banks


LINE: “where you been dey when juice no dey to mix my gin”
So you have money to buy gin but you can’t buy juice? Gin n juice which one cost pass? All these people wey no de enter economics class, them no know ‘SCALE OF PREFERENCE’

2. Timaya – Money ft. Flavour




LINE: I travel to America just to go charge my phone

So as light no dey for naija and you really need to make call, Gen no dey? The time and money you spend, take flight from naija to America never reach to buy Gen and fuel, charge your phone full?
So you reach embassy, you tell them say you won go charge your phone abi?
Timaya lay down flat, TB Joshua is coming to lay a hand on you. Your problem na from village. 😂




TRACK: Bahd Baddo Baddest (DOWNLOAD HERE)

LINE: “I get like 100 Niggas wey de protect me”

Shebi you no de fear God? So na 100 Niggas be your god? Davido kneel down wherever you are let’s pray for you! Sense is far from you.

Did we miss any wack line in 2016? let us know in the comment box below. Cheers!

Disclaimer: This article is based solely on the opinion of the writer. If in a way or two shots fired get to you don’t take it personal. It is the writer exercising his/her freedom of expression in black and white.

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