Check out how Nigerian Musicians Promote Their songs (with pictures)

What will it profit an artiste to sing a hit or better still, a lit song and not put it out there properly by means of promotion or publicity?

Sometimes I ask myself whether these artistes do the song for their friends and family. I’ve even wondered if these songs were made to serve as ring tones; but I beat the thought by saying “if dem want ring tones, Nokia tone no dey?”. So artistes even do music without the future in view. Their aim is to release one track or two so they can be popular in their street and take advantage of the ladies within their immediate environment. Very myopic if you ask me.


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Just so I don’t digress from the reason for this article I’ll simply say “Chai diaris God o!” 😂😂

Back to the matter on ground; to make a music in Nigeria, the following steps are involved:

The image above is a perfect picture of the current trend in music promotion in Nigeria. From the image you’ll discover that the most important stage of music making is neglected and not adequately funded.

The world is a global village and the speed with which ones materials flies depends on the media of publicity.

This is 2017 and I pray Nigerian artistes change their perspective of promoting their music. 

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