“There are no celebrities in Port Harcourt” – Adviser The Comedian

Spontaneous Port Harcourt based Nigerian comedian, Adviser has taken to his social media pages to air his view on matters concerning entertainment in this part of the world.
He stated and I quote “There are no celebrities in Port Harcourt” do you agree with his claim?


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Read below, the full article:

“I spend time reading some post about PH Entertainment and I was like hmmmmmmm the problem we have here is not lack of investors but lack of synergy, respect and to an extent lack of content…
An OAP will force a DJ working on his shift to play a song , that same OAP will tweet/instagram the song and tag the artist , but the so called artist won’t repost nor retweet the post.
A Lady will see a chyker and she will be like hmmm u re funny oh are u a comedian?? the chyker will leave all he’s doing to enter this business called Comedy, without content ..The Young folks don’t respect their elders and the senior colleagues also don’t respect theirselves …
Some bloggers without followers will want you to worship them all in the name of hype and publicity when you’re even helping their brand with your content …
Some comedians keep recycling jokes they stole from their colleagues and they will be like Joke na Joke…some don’t know what branding is all about …
The young folks join cartel forgetting the fact: your boss can be your boss but, not your destiny helper …
Some senior Bros are afraid of people outshining them so they do all they can to make sure your name is not on a bill…
My good friends and colleagues nobody want to waste his or her money that chairman you have today is a boy to another chairman please dont stab your brother in his presence because his boss can be your brother own chairman ….
I have hosted (MC) a lot of A List event that came into the city of Port Harcourt : (Ay Live, Akpororo vs Akpororo, Night Of A Thousand Laff, The Calling Of Adviser etc) not because am too good but Grace, Loyalty and Service made it possible ..I hear comedians say things like (Adviser is very expensive and busy he won’t attend your event) to client all because they want the job… I dont reply them because I know They can push a good man down but they can’t keep a good man down !!!

To all my younger folks in the industry be creative, loyal, give High service and not eye service..
To all my elders ; if you reject those 100k try and recommend someone. believe me they can’t steal your client unless that your client , you stole it from a brother ….

Na WA ooooooh oThe fight aka beef come plenty pass materials aka content….

Please My friends and brothers lets join hands and make PH an entertaining city…. Believe me there’s no celebrity in Port Harcourt infact, if we have I think they are the militants nor yahoo boys…

ADVISER (GIC Ambassador)


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