eXSess; a confused Nigerian musician or one seeking for cheap attention?

Last year we saw social media proclamations from industry players like Eva Alordiah and Young Stunna; proclamations which stated explicitly that they were about quitting their music careers. After a while they came through to revoke their statements by releasing tracks afterwards.

Fegor Eneh A.K.A. eXSess, a Nigerian musician based in the city of Port Harcourt; few days ago made a social media proclamation that he was gonna quit his music career as seen in the screenshot below:


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According to the screenshot above, he’s gonna do one last song and that was him saying goodbye to his music career. (Explicitly stated; whether there’s any other meaning attached to what we have in the screenshot, i don’t know yet)

Two days after his purported move to quit music he came back on facebook saying:

“not Quitting, am in this for Life!!….this is way above me because i vibe for my people!!!”

See screenshot below:

After seeing the later screenshot i concluded that eXSess is officially CONFUSED! While others were busy calling and commenting on both posts i was busy laughing because from the onset i perceived something fishy. It’s obvious eXSess has decided seek cheap attention; he chose to follow the path of Eva Alordiah and Young Stunna in a bid to  promote his new music. A cheap promo strategy as i call it. But then, a strategy is a strategy, let’s hope this one comes out great.

Y’all anticipate DON’T CRY by eXSess in a few days.

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