5 most creative social media handles ever

Getting a social media handle these days is quite tasking. One thing is to think of one, the other is to get that which can be easily thought of, easily remembered and deposited in the minds of ones fans/followers.


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For easy interaction with fans and followers it is advisable to use a unique handle, not too far from ones alias and devoid of numbers. In other words it should not be alphanumeric; for instance, jojofalani45, jojo946 etc.

Having a straightforward handle like these below will really help ones social media pages blossom within a short period of time.

Below are 5 in a million unique social media handles properly thought of.

@TheJhunelle – Ever talked about her to someone before? OK, on debut meeting you simply say “This is TheJhunelle I told you about” 😊

@WhoisTonye – There are thousands of people who bear the name Tonye, but before you get to identify with this Tonye you must first ask the question “WhoisTonye”

@IamstillAB – People do change with time, we’ll maybe because change is the only constant thing, but meet Mc AB any day, any time and he’ll tell you “IamstillAB”

@TherealSojay – There are a whole lot of people who wish they had great voices like lover boy Sojay, some has practically changed their names to Sojay but they are all fakes. This is ‘TherealSojay’

@Toxictho: People attribute toxic to unhealthy stuffs and often time the question as to why the healthy rapper and Dj Toxic goes by such a name pops up but he calms their nerves and tells them “You know toxic but, I am Toxictho”

Written by: Alabo Jojofalani

Instagram – @jojofalani

Snapchat – @djfalani

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