Improve the quality of Education, Renaming the University is a Redundant Move.

It’s no news that, Rivers State house of assembly has opted to make changes to the name of the state’s University from Rivers State University of Science and technology (RSUST) to Rivers State University (RSU).
The question is, “Will that in any way change the state of the infrastructure and standard of learning in the institution?” 


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As far as I’m concerned, this is another attempt to siphone and loot the state’s treasury. Renaming the University is a redundant move! Let’s face the challenges of insecurity and cultism in the institution, there are other challenges the institution has; standard of learning can be improved, the ‘e’ in the word eUniversity can be further improved and so much more.

Rivers State has a lot of problems to address and believe me, that is not one of the numerous problems seeking attention. The government is just busy chasing shadows, problems that should be addressed are ignored and the ones that need little or no attention are attended to, why? 

Well it’s obvious, our so called leaders a very Myopic, they worry less about the people who voted them into power, their primary focus is to accumulate as much big bags as possible for themselves, their families, friends and their generations unborn. Meanwhile the average Nigerian doesn’t have access to quality education, basic social amenities and jobs.

Too bad, the political industry in Nigeria is filled with Fraudulent individuals who tend to make their way out with the treasury of the people.

God help us all. 

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