VIDEO: Man’s hair catches fire during the 10th edition of Daytime thriller in Port Harcourt

During the 10th edition of the biggest street show in Port Harcourt, I’m talking about DAYTIME THRILLER 10 that took place on the 18th and 19th of March, 2017; a lot of mind blowing experiences and talents were discovered in the streets of Port Harcourt.


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One of such mind blowing activities that engrossed the audience in fear was when a certain dance crew were up stage for their performance which had naked flame on display, the fire (i can’t tell whether knowingly or accidentally) caught the hair of the lead dancer, although it didn’t cause any mishap but it ended up becoming the highlight of the day. SEE VIDEO BELOW

The most talked about show had an impressive blend of music, comedy and dance with massive stage by Mediaworks, Lights and sound by TSL, RAK Entertainment, HKR Films and Picturesque held it down for video coverage, also present was IPAC pictures for all things photography and yours truly for live event coverage.

According to Mr. Isaac Utere, the next edition is underway and preparations to making it better than the 10th edition is in progress.


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