“You don’t beg for support, you can’t command support, support comes to those who deserve it” – Alabo Jojo Falani 

One of the most frequently made statements by entertainers who are yet to hit limelight is “We don’t support one another that’s why we don’t grow”. People who make such statements are “Myopic” and “selfish“. In the actual sense they  mean “They don’t support me, that’s why I am not successful” but they’ll hit the hammer on the city and generalize on the support issue. OK think of it, why do they always complain about support when they need support? As far as I know, support is not a one-way thing. You can’t expect support from the city you don’t make proud, the city you always talk bad about on social media, the city you don’t add value to in one way or another.


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The reason for the slow growth is that, these people always lookout for what the city will do for them, rather than that which they’ll do for the city to make it better. No wonder they keep saying that the city don’t show them support.

“You don’t beg for support, you can’t command support. If you do well for the city, support will come from the city and beyond” – Alabo Jojo Falani


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