“I Miss Port Harcourt” – Knowledge Baba

More than a year ago, Knowledge Baba, one half of the Ajebo Hustlers Gang relocated to Lagos in search of greener pastures.


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The Buruku crooner since his relocation had been keeping it real even though he hasn’t been able to make a hit as viral as TOMBO MUSIC.

In another news, the highly skilled Nigerian musician obviously misses Port Harcourt as he has taken to his official Twitter account to express himself saying “Good Morning Port Harcourt, I fvcking miss you.. “

Oh indeed Knowledge Baba has really missed Port Harcourt and her super sauced Bole n Fish (a popular Port Harcourt food made with yam, plantain and gravy stew) 😂

Port Harcourt misses you too Knowledge Baba. 😢

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