Dsmart celebrates his wife, writes her a cute epistle on her birthday.

The manner of words put together by Dsmart to celebrate his darling wife Alicia on her birthday is second to none.


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I never knew the Superstar singer is this romantic… But then, now I know.
Read below, the cute message he sent to his wife on her birthday via his official Facebook account.

“Alicia Dsmart
Today I Celebrate You my Amadol…

That same moment I saw you,
the 1st thing I said was
“this is my wife”
And so it came to pass… And It’s been 9 years… From that moment, my life has literarily changed,

I was just a guy & u made me a husband,

Then I was just a husband then u made me a man,

Then I was just a man & u made me a father,

I am so blessed to have an adorable, beautiful, caring, delightful, elegant, faithful, gorgeous, homely, loving, strong, supportive and understanding wife.
The very best that womanhood has to offer….

U stood by me through my rough and tough times,
You are my best friend, my best cook, my best food, my addiction and my one and only true love…
What a beauty U are!!

I bless God for the day I found you.
Happy Birthday Mrs Alicia DSMART.
God bless your new age…
I will love you forever!!!”

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