“Change of aliases doesn’t guarantee a blow.” – Jojofalani Writes

Choosing a name in the Entertainment industry as well as other industries is a very vital aspect of brand creation. The nature of one’s name goes a long way in cementing his/her place in the minds of the public.

A properly chosen name for an artiste/brand/company must possess these vital two out of numerous other attributes out there.


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  1. Uniqueness

  2. Easy to remember/spell

These days, the first attribute highlighted above (uniqueness) isn’t well planned, especially among entertainers. New entertainers tend to copy names of existing/older entertainers and maybe modify it slightly in the spelling. Social media handle availability is a critical criteria  in proper planning.

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Some others after going by a certain name for a while, probably because they haven’t yet gotten a breakthrough, they tend to change to something else, with the thought that they are going to “BLOW” with it.

It seems the trend for artistes of our time is name changing. After hustling for years without hitting the limelight they think the juju that’s holding them down is their names, then they quickly and unofficially change their names overnight.

The content of the above paragraph is one big mistake I’ve seen among entertainers. After they’ve managed to build their fanbase to a certain extent they just vanish as a result of stage name (Alias) change. When their fans, people who see them as idols and role models, in a bid to connect with them, head over to social media and search their old names they’ll end up finding nothing. Even you that’s their friend will be shocked, thinking they’ve blocked you 😂

I know of a couple of good heads from Port Harcourt who after building a brand and gathering fans went to change their names, now they’re struggling seriously. Believe me you, no alias can be stronger than ones limelight debut name. If you think I’m lying ask Harrysong, he changed his name to Mr. Songs but everyone kept calling him Harrysong, even bloggers that publish his music. He had no other choice but to stick with Harrysong. 😂 (I think say you no de fear fans). Another perfect example is N.E.P.A. who some years ago changed their name to PHCN, guess what? till date people still call them NEPA (Something like “NEPA don bring light”) 😂. Etisalat nko? Oops sorry I meant to say 9mobile 😂😂

Top 5 name changes in Port Harcourt

Porsh Kayiana Ledo
Livingstar Kamelion
Mouthworryz John Light
 Blah  Aboysouth
 Prince Meldy  Chisom

  1. Porsh Kayiana – LEDO: Then Port Harcourt based Nigerian musician with very unique patois, she makes it sound so easy that you might think life itself is easy – Mr Eazi; smiles. She was one of the big shots in Port Harcourt when female musicians were mentioned, in a nutshell; she’s highly influential. With collaboration in BLACKBERRY ft. Duncan Mighty, this cute face was able to break into the street and got even more street credibility.

It was a shocking news to me when i heard that the then Porsh Kayiana no longer goes by that name. She’s now LEDO! Has she limelight with her new alias yet? I’m not sure.

  1. Livingstar – Kamelion: Super duper music producer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Livingstar after making so much wave with that alias, after making good music for the likes of Maxi Kabiesi and other top Nigerian artistes, at the point when he was bout to breakthrough, it seems he lost patience or maybe he thought that he hadn’t blown up because of his alias – Livingstar so he decided to change it to KAMELION. Has he limelight with his new alias yet? I’m not sure.

  2. Mouth worryz – Apostle Johnlight: Some time in 2016 we broke the news about this epic name change from Mouthworryz to John Light. The MADI crooner was one of the vibrant acts there was in Port Harcourt and one of them who got a name change in the last 2 years. Currently an apostle, John light is now a Gospel singer and so far found none of his tracks has churned out. Well maybe they did but they didn’t fly as they used to.

Although he has “seen the light” but It’s obvious he hasn’t hit the limelight yet.

  1. Blah – Aboysouth: Blah the incredible one as he’s fondly called was indeed incredible with the name BLAH. He’s a sizzling hot rapper from the south, well maybe that be the reason why he decided to change alias to Aboy SOUTH. Well as of today Aboy south is practically invisible all things entertainment in the SOUTH, I wouldn’t be wrong if I call him A boy South 😂😂

  2. Prince Meldy – Chisom: Formerly known as Prince Meldy, Chisom was worried that Meldy has similar pronunciation to May D and that it gives him challenge when he appears on stage and the Mr May D that was expected isn’t who showed up. So he set out to drive his career in a new alias CHISOM (Which means “God follow me” in Igbo language).

His long lull and invisibility in the industry got fans asking if the English meaning of CHISOM is actually working for the young prospective superstar.

Written by: Alabo Jojo Falani

Disclaimer: This article isn’t intended to talk down on any of the aforementioned  brand names. Rather, the intention of the writer is to craft constructive criticism in one body of work which in the long run will help foster progress in the industry.

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