One Year in Marriage; Comedian KO Baba Celebrates His Wife, Showers Praises on her

It’s one year already, i can remember sharing these PRE-WEDDING PICTURES last year. Well, away from that comes a very brif but deep social media post by the Talkaholic Boss, where he inorder to mark one year in marriage uttered sweet words, praising his wife Vivian. One striking one is where referred to her as “world’s most extraordinary wife”


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Enough said, read according to how it was found in a post he made on Facebook.

“Happy wedding anniversary to Vivian Kobaba Jornsen, I simply call her the world’s most extraordinary wife. The Prayer warrior, sustainer and supporter of KObaba. The patient woman whose husband is very busy yet she is committed and tolerant. May God bless you enormously for Him and Us…. Graciaaaa!!!!”

Congratulations KO Baba & Vivian, God bless your union.

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