Benny Odumu; Pro Designer rates Loxxy’s new track – ‘OLE’ zero.

Although the world strives for perfection, one will agree with me that the entity can never be achieved due to so many factors, the most popular is the fact that “Not everyone will like everything” This is the case between popular Musician and Designer, Loxxy and Benny Odumu respectively.


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According to Benny on Facebook, he thinks Loxxy’s new single titled OLE is below standard and that a newbie in the music business would have actually performed better than Loxxy, one who calls himself ‘Lion of the south’

Read below as it was seen on Benny’s Facebook page few hours after the release:

“Your new song “Ole” can be done better even by an upcoming artist, most of you artist because you are toping chat in the industry is making you feel like you are too big to listen to criticism and take correction, and the most annoying thing is that those who are close to you can’t tell you the truth to your face, and allow the truth to set you free.

I have been asking myself series of questions, is it because there’s no money this period that’s why he went for a lower quality and “message less message”?. Imagine a hit titled “Ole”, then an upside down message. Now let me tell all you Port Harcourt based international recognised Artist, be it Gospel or secular like you may call it, if you guys don’t buckle up, I will take it up personally to be the remedy to all these cheap product and mediocre mindset that you placed unnecessary pride on.

Please stop the bragging and posing on top nothing. What’s “OLE”? you think we don’t know what “Ole” means? if you want to do a love song keep it at love, don’t be confusing people. Shouting Ole Ole in a song saying love is all we need, I don’t get it!
you guys are making many investors lose interest and may not believe in us anymore.
Your song ARTWORK is supper dope!
But the song is supper NOPE!

Now you see the reason why it’s good for you guys to spend money and attend music seminars and classes, even as some person’s in Port Harcourt is making it cheaper and easier for you guys, but pride and stinginess will not allow most of you guys to learn or spend little kobo to improve yourselves.
Well let me just say I am totally ready for all of you from this moment, except I have not listened to your song, then you are safe. Is it because people in this era listen to BEAT and not WORDS? and its connection anymore? Even the beat self is just Kpoi Kpoi Kpoi ti Kpoi Kpoi till the end,
“seriously this one weak me like breast wey don fall”

Loxxy Loxxy Sorry!”

What do you think about this track?

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