Pastor lays allegations, arrests church member for showing displeasure in church leadership.

Information reaching my famous left ear says that a certain Pastor Mike Ukaegbu of The Port Harcourt International worship center (Assemblies of God) in Port Harcourt has arrested his church member who expressed his displeasure in the way the church leadership is run.

Pastor Mike Ukaegbu


According to Mr. Olumati Isaiah, the source of the news; the apprehended is the assistant music director of the aforementioned church. After he had a disagreement, his pastor went to Elekahia police station to write and file a “Theft & Buglary” report against the asst. music director; one Mr Emmanuel Ogbonda.

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All these happened on Sunday morning (11 February, 2018) but until now there hasn’t been any development to the story. Rest assured that we’ll keep this blog post updated as things metamorphose.

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