How Mistaken Identity Almost landed Bukwild & Dj Spiff in trouble.

At the dead of the night last night I received a message from Bukwild Da Ikwerrian, a popular Port Harcourt based Nigerian musician and it reads:


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“To God I give all the glory, thank you Lord the God of my father Pst DAVID IBIYEOMIE if not for you me and my friend Spiff Dave could have been dead (God Forbid) over mistaken identity we were called robbers, killers and even kidnappers those staying by the road side were SHOUTING kill then kill then my mouth can’t say it all To God I give all the Glory. This is how innocent people die in the hands of Nigeria police”

Immediately I put a call across to get details and he told me that he was just coming back from town area of Port Harcourt where his colleague Sensational Bamidele was doing street praise. On getting to somewhere in Port Harcourt called Amaechi drive by Ikwerre road, as he parked for Dj Spiff to alight a man came out from a chaotic gathering across the road, pointing toward Bukwild and Dj Spiff shouting

“Na dem! Kill dem! Kill dem!!”

Police officers started shooting in the air, Bukwild and Dj Spiff had lay on the floor and were later apprehended, off to the police station at Sani Abacha road they went.

While they were about to be thrown in the cell, Bukwild was recognized by one of the officers then situation got into control. When the accuser came to the scene he confirmed that he knew Bukwild and it wasn’t him who committed the crime.

Bukwild and Dj Spiff were later released on the basis of ‘It was only a case of mistaken identity’

Over on social media, the superstar singer has been giving thanks and praises to God for life not lost.

Join them thank God @iamBukwild and @deejayspiff50 on social media.

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