AUDIO: Preye Odede – I Will Restore

With everything going on in our families, relationships, communities, nation and the world at large, our young girls being rapped daily, economic and governmental failures, inter ethnic, inter country, inter religious rivalry, suicide bombings and terrorism making the headlines of our dailies, have you lost a loved one, have lost something dear to your heart, have you lost hope?


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I am led to to remind you that as long as there is life, there is hope. You may have heard countless times that this is your season of restoration and nothing seemed to have been restored, I dare you to throw your doubts away and start believing, all the times you have cried and felt alone is enough to trust God, He is your father and Him alone can restore all that you have lost.

Hear God’s reassurance in this song”I WILL RESTORE” and walk into your season of restoration

DOWNLOAD: Preye Odede - I will Restore (53678 downloads)


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