Akpan Okon; Comedian strokes colleague, Natoliva for Alleged Intellectual Property theft

Nat Oliva (Left), Akpan Okon (Right)

The past 20 hours has been rants by humor creative man Akpan Okon as he’s all over social media lamenting and expressing his grief after his comic material was allegedly used on a global stage by his colleague – Nat Oliva.


“You’re wicked” Akpan Okon repeatedly said via his Facebook timeline, tagging Natolia to every single post; but Nat Oliva onthe other hand hasn’t uttered a single word. Chances are, maybe he’s remorseful or who know’s he might just be up to some thing.

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Well until then, Below are some of Akpan Okon’s rants on Facebook.

Other concerned entertainment powerhouses, the likes of KO Baba, Olumati Isiah, GSN, Oluwa Ican and more have aired their views on the matter and from the looks of things, this matter far from the end.

Stay glued to this blog site as we shall update you on the happenings as they unfold.

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