Legendary Slam; Natoliva’s Manager slams Akpan Okon’s accusation. Labels it “false”

Legendary slam

The latest on the Akpan Okon vs Nat Oliva battle is a defense measure coming from NatOliva’s Manager – Godsgift Okpagi, popularly known as Legendary Slam.


According to legendary slam in a press release put up on Facebook a while ago; His artiste Natoliva didn’t steal any joke belonging to Akpan, rather he used it on reference.

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Fastforward, Legendary slam ended by asking for peace in a growing entertainment industry like that in Port Harcourt.


“Please news are going round that Nat Oliva stole Akpan Okons content this is not true, from what I know Nat Oliva did not actually steal Akpan Okons content, rather he took reference from him. Before using his content, he acknowledged Akpan Okon and told him that he is going to make use of his joke. This is not something that should cause an uproar on social media. People should learn how to work together and for the fact that reference was giving to him (Akpan Okon) i dont see why he should go on social media and call my art wicked and heartless. No comedian is 100%. I know a whole lot of comedians who uses other peoples content. Going to social media is bad especially with the fact that both were together earlier. Nat Oliva didn’t mean bad to Akpan Okon. This should not cause issues at all. Port Harcourt is growing, let’s work together and see how we can move forward. God bless everyone.”

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