Ajebo Hustlers shut down Port Harcourt with a successful concert #ALIKE2018


It was an amazing night out with the gang as the city of Port Harcourt came out in their numbers to elevate the face of the Ajebo Hustlers duo as well as the City of Port Harcourt. No doubt, Port Harcourt has truly risen.


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With back to back performances, the energy at THE ARENA increased from Joule to Joule. Oops!! did i just mention Joule?? No offence my non-science readers.

Just so i don’t mention any other scientific term, i beg to take my leave as I present to you in still images, what went down at the ALIKE2018 concert with the Ajebo Hustlers.


Ajebo Hustlers

Ajebo Hustlers

Ajebo Hustlers

Dr Barz

L-R: Yoboi & Speech

1da Banton

L-R: Dj Kaydee, Loxxy & Sweetkush

Ortiz & Dandizzy

Jtwice & Dj Gadaffi

Highlight: Young stunna, Cali Addo, Speech

Baba Funky

Chisom & Elmee

Highlight: Bukwild, Mr Brown Wilson, Dj Spiff

Highlight: Mr. Barango

LR: Dj Kenny B & Dj Strive


Legendary Suni

Highlight: Goodluck Azunwena

Highlight: Azubuike Stanley

Highlight: Fatboislim


Baba Funky & Bethram



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